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Trucker Insurance

Protect Yourself on the Road with Trucker Insurance in Chicago, IL

As a truck driver, you log hours on the road each week. You cover more miles in a year than some American drivers will cross in their lives. And every minute of that drive time exposes you to the risk of an accident.

It’s true that your professional driving experience is an asset that helps you anticipate and avoid accidents better than everyday drivers. Still, it can’t protect you from property loss, personal injury, and even liability when an accident occurs.

Your experience should always be an asset. You can have the protection you need when you buy semi-truck insurance in Chicago, IL from Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, Inc.

What Makes Commercial Trucker Insurance Unique?

Trucker insurance differs from basic auto insurance or even commercial auto insurance. When you evaluate commercial trucker insurance companies in Chicago, IL, you need to find one that understands local and federal insurance requirements. Your personal agent at Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, Inc. can help you customize your coverage.

Your policy terms should match your truck’s size, your regular travel routes, and your haul. Our agents can help you find coverage for the following special cases as well:

  • Hazardous materials – You must comply with federal insurance regulations if you haul these. We’ll ensure you meet the requirements and avoid problems.
  • Cargo protection – If you want to protect the loads you carry, we can include that in your policy.
  • Interstate or international driving – We can write insurance policies in more than 10 states, so we’ll make sure you have coverage wherever you travel.
  • Owner-operator or fleet coverage – You can get a policy for a truck you own or many trucks in your company’s fleet.

You deserve to enjoy peace of mind as a commercial truck driver. Trust our personal insurance agents to tailor a policy to you. Call 888-822-6519 or use our form above to request a quote.